Sat Oct. 14, 2023

Lia Pale & Georg Vogel Duo / Power Puzzle / Power Directions Sextet (A/USA)

Lia Pale & Georg Vogel Duo – Die Erkundung des Fritz Pauer/Laurie Antonioli–Songbooks und weitere erstaunliche musikalische Abenteuer
Lia Pale: vocals
Georg Vogel: piano, claviton

Power Puzzle – Musik von Fritz Pauer, arrangiert und gespielt von Composer-Performer:innen der jungen Wiener Szene
Anna Anderluh: vocals
Flora Geißelbrecht: viola
Dennis Brandner: saxophone
Tobias Meissl: vibraphone
Philipp Kienberger: bass
Hubert Bründlmayer: drums

Power Directions Sextet – Vom Solo-Piano ins Grande Finale
Herwig Gradischnig: tenor saxophone
Daniel Nösig: trumpet
Ed Neumeister: trombone
Rob Bargad: piano, vocals
Johannes Strasser: bass
Mario Gonzi: drums

Moderation: Christoph Huber

Dieses Konzert wurde vom ORF aufgenommen und wird am 22. Januar 2024, 19.30-22.00 in der Serie "On Stage" ausgestrahlt.

Lia Pale & Georg Vogel
Laurie Antonioli and Fritz Pauer had an intensive songwriting collaboration since 2002, which lasted until a few days before his death. Pauer's music and Antonioli's lyrics resulted in over forty songs. At least thirty more songs may still be waiting for lyrics. Today, on Fritz Pauer's 80th birthday, vocal artist Lia Pale and pianist/clavitonist/instrument maker/composer Georg Vogel will embark on a joint journey into this remarkable songbook and will also unfold soloistically their art, both vocal, polytonal, microtonal, freitonal, diatonic and enharmonic as well as pure and impure, most likely also equal temperament tuned but above all sensitive and highly musical. Exciting!

Power Puzzle
This sextet invited for the festival consists of the most active composer-performers of the Viennese scene. All six players will also appear tonight as arrangers. Their role is to look at Fritz Pauer's music from the perspective of the (super)next generation and to make it resound in their very personal way.

Power Directions Sextet
The Porgy & Bess was always a club where surprising and very exciting sessions took place "after hours"; where suddenly a top-class, internationally mixed band jammed and amazed the audience. Fritz Pauer was present several times at such special moments and active navigator in such exciting encounters. The last set should be wide open for the special jazz spirit that is indispensable for this.
Rob Bargad on the grand piano with the Power Directions Sextet will set the appropriate musical coordinates to play the three-day festival into a joyful grand finale.