Thu Feb. 8, 2024

Stefano Bollani 'Blooming' (I)

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In Italy pianist-composer Stefano Bollani is what you might consider a superstar, and has recently been called a Gesamtkunstwerk by German radio BR-Klassik. Besides his intense and versatile con- cert activity, he has co-created popular radio series, anchored TV shows with internationally ac- claimed musicians, written various books and co-produced and taken part in theatre plays. Bollani considers music a huge game to be re-invented and is constantly in search for stimulations, everywhere, in all the music of the past, and even more so by exploring the present, improvising in the moment, as he has done both on stage and in the studio: either solo (his legendary impromptu jukebox-like medley performances are second to none) or with great artists like Richard Galliano, Chick Corea, Caetano Veloso, Egberto Gismonti, Chucho Valdés, Hector Zazou, and his mentor Enrico Rava.

BLOOMING (Sony Music 2023)
Flowering is the moment of transformation, of expansion upwards, the period in which nature begins a new life cycle, comes out into the open with its thousand colours, scents and shapes and shamelessly reveals itself for what it is. : a blessing, like the music.

Stefano Bollani starts from here and, after the success achieved with the TV program “Via Dei Matti n.0” together with the director and actress Valentina Cenni, returns to the scene with Blooming, a new album in Piano Solo

“These songs flourished in the garden of my piano, I watered them, nourished them and if necessary pruned them and now they are gathered here in a bouquet that is this record. – continues Bollani – They are very different flowers from each other, but born from the same humus and in the same period.”

Fifteen tracks, intimate and passionate, in which the Maestro indulges and offers an incredible journey between the keys of the piano with all the wisdom and enthusiasm for which he is known throughout the world.

Even in the new album, Stefano Bollani's music knows no boundaries, it mixes musical genres ranging from jazz to South American sounds and is nourished by all those suggestions and magical moments that the pianist has experienced on stages all over the world. Every bloom, a blessing. Come his music.

The idea is developed by Valentina Cenni's beautiful graphic project which celebrates the spectacle of nature by showing different points of view of an audience who watches the flowers bloom as if they were fireworks. The drawings are by Laura D'Amico.