Mon Dec. 11, 2023

Erik Emil Eskildsen: touch guitar, electronics
Christina Ruf: e-cello, electronics
Tobias Leibetseder: voice, electronics

“She doesn’t want to set herself any musical boundaries, and thus to her it’s about “not only playing the cello, but making music”. For this Ruf let’s herself be inspired by diverse sounds and the aesthetics of words, and integrates the cello into this cosmos.“
(Marlene Schnedl, Ö1)

“Christina Ruf works in tonal and formative dimensions on and through her instrument, that only on reflection suggest classical playing. Rather, through her use of a 6-string electric cello, various effect pedals and electronics to influence, manipulate and expand the form and sound, she manipulates and extends, giving it a unique expression. Often constructing expansive, dark soundscapes, she manages with her work, to create an authentic wealth of ideas, that not only deliver a performance, but move you.“ (Klaus Wohlgemuth)

“The instruments, whether acoustic or electric, merge with the effects to form a homogeneous whole. From concept to implementation, an unusual and completely independent work by an exciting artist who stands out and who has clearly found her voice.“ (Yvonne-Stefanie Moriel, music austria)