Tue Nov. 28, 2023

Marwan Abado 'Longa Vienna' (RL/A/PL)

Marwan Abado: oud, vocals
Maciej Golebiowski: clarinet, duduk
Arnulf Lindner: bass, cello
Peter Rosmanith: percussion, hang

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MARWAN ABADO was born into a Christian Palestinian family in a refugee camp in Beirut (Lebanon). In 1985 Abado fled from the civil war zone to Austria and continued his musical training with the Iraqi oud master Asim Chalabi. In Vienna he found a new home as a musician, singer, composer and poet. In the Arabic music realm, Abado’s instrument, the oud (Middle Eastern lute), has a similar impact as the piano in the Western culture.

His compositions are based on the classic form of Arabic music, TAQ’SIM, which is not subject to temporal regularity and is based on the inner impulses of the musician. Soulful lyrics (from his own pen or other contemporary Arab poets) add a poetic context to Abado’s compositions. Marwan Abado is one of those musicians who prove that the music country Austria is rich in inspiration and encounters.