Sat March 23, 2024

CC JOP 'Arrangement' (A)

Christoph Cech: piano, arrangements, leader
Tatjana Wurzer: vocals
Sebastian Höglauer, Markus Pechmann: trumpets, fluegelhorns
Benjamin Jagec: clarinet, bass clarinet
Yvonne Moriel: soprano, alto saxophone
Manfred Balasch: tenor, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Florian Fennes: baritone saxophone
Daniel Holzleitner: trombone
Simon Teurezbacher: tuba
Valentina Cinquini: concert harp
Andi Erd: guitar
Philipp Kienberger: bass
Andi Senn: drums
Tomas Novak, Simon Frick: violins

Nächstes Konzert: Samstag, 28. September 2024

We start the live stream approx. 1/2 hour before the concert begins (real time, no longer available after the end of the concert). By clicking on "Go to livestream" a window will open where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. However, we kindly ask you to support this project via "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club!

"Arrangement" - a high art that commonly enjoys an unjustified reputation for uncreativity. Beethoven already impressively demonstrated how an incredible wealth of exciting variations can arise from a "Schuastafleck". The refinement of often manageably complex basic material, the staging of simple melodies through tricky harmonies, the rhythmic reinterpretation of many an old tune are aspects of this art, which by no means has to hide behind the composition. The connoisseurs know this. Starting from last year's Gershwin songs, Christoph Cech and his charming ladies and crew serve you arrangements from his pen. The interpretation makes the sovereignty. (Christoph Cech)