Wed Feb. 14, 2024

Ostinato 'Average White Night' (A)

Rens Newland: guitar
Tommy Böröcz: drums
Christian Maurer: tenor, soprano saxophone
Andi See: alto saxophone
Simon Plötzeneder: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Robert Schönherr: keyboards
Robert Riegler: bass
Luis Ribeiro: percussions

We start the live stream approx. 1/2 hour before the concert begins (real time, no longer available after the end of the concert). By clicking on "Go to livestream" a window will open where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. However, we kindly ask you to support this project via "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club!

The "Average White Band" has been a very important inspiration for many funk bands and for Ostinato! On the program are instrumental versions of Pick up the Pieces, Cut the Cake, Work To Do, Play That Funky Music White Boy plus our funkiest tunes, old and brand new! (Rens Newland)
(...) That's why Ostinato also perform live very "selectively" (Newland) - in other words: irregularly. The guitarist doesn't see a problem with not being well attuned to each other: "The harmony is created on stage. And it's often more a matter of chemistry than rehearsal." Böröcz adds: "If you speak the same language musically, it's easy to communicate". And, of course, he also has a really prominent example to prove it: the now 60-year-old was on tour with bass legend Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report, among others) in 1986 - "and we didn't need a single rehearsal". (Press release, 2017)