Sat April 20, 2024

Bil Aka Kora & Band (BF) / Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania (BF/A)

Mamadou Diabate: balaphone, percussion, vocals, musical director, master of

Bil Aka Kora & Band
Bil Aka Kora: vocals, guitar
Igor Bezget: guitar
Byron Cortes: bass
Hamidou Koita: drums
Sebastian Fonseca: percussion
Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania
Mamadou Diabate: balaphone
Hamidou Koita: drums, calabash
Yacouba Konate: balaphone
Seydou Dao: djembe
Byron Cortes: bass
Klaus Ambross: guitar
Wolfgang Puschnig: saxophone, flute

We start the live-stream (real time, stream is not on demand!) about 1/2 h before the show starts. By clicking on "Now Live" a window opens, where you can watch the concert free of charge and without any registration. If you want, you can support this project with "Pay as you wish". Thank you & welcome to the real & virtual club!

Kadi De Begera
Kadidiatou Sombié was born on August 15, 2001 in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso). Her exceptional intelligence became apparent early on when she began her school career in 2010. In 2016, she took the plunge and passed her first entrance exam for the sixth grade. But fate took an unexpected turn that would change her life forever - a disease that threatened her sight. Due to a lack of adequate treatment options, she lost her sight over the years.
Kadidiatou Sombié went through a phase of despair, feeling abandoned by the world. But she found solace in music and decided to sing her story with determination. During this difficult time, she came across well-meaning people who helped her and introduced her to the world of music. In the darkness of her days, the radio became her refuge and conversations with her grandfather her guide. Over time, music grew on her like a comforting melody. Kadi de Berega got to know the members of the Yafie theater group from Bérégadougou through her collaboration with the social services. With them, she discovered the magic of the guitar (goni) and calabash. From rehearsal to rehearsal, she overcame the darkness that surrounded her life. The stages of the cultural nights became her safe haven and she shone in her passion. Artists from other countries recognized her talent and invited her to join them. These moments were like a breath of fresh air in her dark world.
In May 2023, Kadi de Berega decided to make her dreams come true. She recorded her first song entitled "A' Keto", an expression from her heart asking for forgiveness. In this song, she sought the blessing of her producers for this new adventure.
In June 2023, a moving video carried her message and the world began to discover the soul of Kadi de Berega. This song, like a ray of light in the night, began his journey. The song carried the power of resilience, the softness of melody and the courage of life. Kadi, the child without light, developed into a radiant artist who illuminated the hearts of all those who listened to her. Her journey has only just begun, but already her story is a hymn to perseverance and passion.

Bil Aka Kora & Band
Bil Aka Kora's music is a sophisticated and seductive cocktail called Djongo music, a fusion of traditional Kasséna rhythms and musical influences such as jazz, rock and blues. Inspired by the djongo, a powerful dance in which dancers compete for power, djongo music is based on this concept of strength.
Bil Aka Kora is a professional musician who has been playing for more than twenty years in West Africa and in Burkina Faso, his country of birth and residence. He has a powerful voice with a very wide vocal range and a great passion for different singing techniques. In addition to his career as a songwriter and musician, he also produces music for films, documentaries and theater performances.

Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania
The master of the "speaking balafon" from Burkina Faso - a firework of virtuoso balafon playing and percussion from Burkina Faso!
Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania is a firework of virtuoso balafon playing and rhythm and is characterized by two balafons as lead instruments. This makes the project the only formation of its kind in the world and sets it apart from all other West African bands. The musical dialogs and spectacular balafon duels between the two cousins Mamadou Diabate and Yacouba Konate are a highlight of every concert.
His new program Seengwa (April 2022, Delicious Tunes Records) is a tribute to the almost forgotten musical traditions of the Sambla people of the region of the same name in Burkina Faso. The Sambla are one of the very rare peoples in the world who have developed a language with the xylophone (the Sambla call it balafon). It represents the musical language of the Sambla translated into music and serves as a "substitute language". Musicians who do not understand this language cannot master this instrument. Seengwa takes the listener on a rhythmic journey from the traditional to the modern. Mamadou Diabate and Yacouba Konate provide the keynote with their two balafons as lead instruments and lead into African spheres with djembe and calabash, as well as electric and bass guitars. (Press release)