Fri Sept. 20, 2024

Willi Landl & Michael Hornek (A) / MJM – Fischer Edwards Sanders (A/GB)

Willi Landl & Michael Hornek
Willi Landl: vocals
Michael Hornek: piano, keyboards

Michael Fischer: tenor saxophone, analog, no-effect feedback saxophone
John Edwards: bass
Mark Sanders: drums

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Willi Landl & Michael Hornek
It is said that the accompaniment of a voice makes a pianist a better person. The powerful Michael Hornek proves to be a sensitive and congenial sound designer alongside the eloquent Austro chansonnier Willi Landl, whose occasionally anarchic lyrics exude an irresistible wit. A light-hearted performance and extremely relaxed pleasure beyond the usual jazz-pop-chanson conventions. Willi Landl is a chansonnier and songwriter. His music in German, somewhere between art song and pop song, fears no emotional closeness and yet never becomes pathetic, is humorous but never comedic, sometimes profound and yet never heavy. The composer and singer with the straightforward narrative voice approaches the genre mix in an independently irreverent way. He has released several solo albums and is involved in others as a guest musician. In addition to his performances, he teaches at various training institutes in Hamburg, Linz and Vienna. (press release)

Free improvisation and instant composition are the only two approaches for these solely out of the moment created musical textures and narrations, ensuing from individual techniques and a praxis based on intrepidity, multi-directional dedication and empathy for the produced sound and the common artistic quest. MJM Fischer Edwards Sanders, sharing the polylogical moment within the creational process, dedication, perception and negotiation; three players of extended profile in today’s international free improvised music community. Michael Fischer works on the speech immanence of sounds and their sculptural and dramatic evidence. He augmented the sound world of the tenor saxophone with the development of the exclusively analog, no-effect-based feedback-saxophone. John Edwards is a true virtuoso whose staggering range of techniques and boundless musical imagination have redefined the possibility of the double bass and dramatically expanded its role. Mark Sanders has played with most of the UK`s major improvisers, a.o. Derek Bailey, Paul Rutherford or Evan Parker, as rhythm section with John Edwards he performed with many UK and visiting musicians.