Portrait David Helbock

David Helbock - 40th Birthday Festival

David Helbock is one of the most creative and original pianists that I know of. Although endowed with great technical virtuosity, it nevertheless does not overwhelm his musicality. His exceptional versatility is demonstrated through his work with his various completely different and surprising groupings of musicians. However, in addition to expressing himself within his own musical environment, he has also demonstrated that he is extremely capable of not only interpreting but also understanding and beautifully enhancing other people's music, such as has been the case with his work with myself, for already the last 10 years now. Happy Birthday, David! (Michael Mantler)

With thousands of concerts on all continents with his own projects, as a regular guest at the most important jazz festivals worldwide and with well over 20 albums as a bandleader - the last 6 of them on the renowned ACT label - David Helbock is one of the most successful Austrian jazz musicians of the younger generation - or just not so young anymore. Because on 28.1.2024 he celebrates his fortieth birthday and we celebrate with him and a 3-day portrait festival. But David Helbock not only looks back but also uses this festival to present new projects. (Pressetext)

David Helbock was the greatest student I ever had! He absorbed everything as fast as I could teach him. His yearning for knowledge about all subjects around the entire world of music, art, philosophy, and spirituality pushed me to study and grow to keep up with him. He has become not only an amazing creative musician and fantastic composer and the hardest working organizer I have ever known, but also a deeply humble, thoughtful, and kindhearted man that I'm proud to call my friend! (Peter Madsen)