Thu Dec. 7, 2017

Vienna Art Orchestra 'The Minimalism of Erik Satie' & A Winter’s Journey – Franz Schuberts Winterreise (CH/A/USA)

1st Set: The Minimalism of Erik Satie
Lauren Newton: voice
Harry Sokal: reeds
Wolfgang Puschnig: reeds
Roman Schwaller: reeds
Aneel Somary: trumpet
Mario Rom: trumpet
Christian Radovan: trombone
Tobias Ennemoser: tuba
Flip Philipp: vibraphone
Wolfgang Reisinger: percussion
mathias rüegg: arranger, conductor

2nd Set: A Winter’s Journey – Franz Schuberts Winterreise
Lia Pale: vocals, flute
Joris Roelofs: reeds
Ingrid Oberkanins: percussion
Hans Strasser: bass
mathias rüegg: arranger, piano

The first night presents an extraordinary remake of the stunning program of 1983 called The Minimalism of Erik Satie, performed by the original line up of the Vienna Art Orchestra back in the days except for three players: Flip Philipp (vib), Mario Rom (trpt) and Tobias Ennemoser (tuba). Half of the programme will be presented in an updated version including brandnew arrangements followed by „A Winter’s Journey“ (Schubert’s Winterreise) with Lia Pale and saxophone player Joris Roelofs from the Netherlands.