Wed Oct. 24, 2018

Chanda Rule 'Sapphire Dreams' feat. Kirk Lightsey (A/USA)

Chanda Rule: vocals
Thomas Kugi: tenor, soprano saxophone
Kirk Lightsey: piano
Karol Hodas: bass
Dusan Novakov: drums

One of the most promising “hidden gems” from Chicago’s south-side, Chanda Rule is the newest discovery among female jazz vocalists. Rooted in gospel music, Chanda carries the soul in her heart and touches audiences with the clarity and beauty of her jazz phrasings.

In 2014, the late Dexter Gordon’s favorite pianist Kirk Lightsey returned to New York City after years of living in Paris for a Village
Vanguard “homecoming” concert that was featured in the New York Times. It was then that Kirk heard about Chanda, and told his long-time musical partner PAO-impresario Paul Zauner about her ... Three years later, Kirk is fully convinced she will break big after recording songs for her debut album due in late spring 2018. Modern, yet rooted in Jazz, Chanda melts the lush melodies and rhythmic influences of New Orleans with her own refreshing style. Paired with her musical mentor Kirk, who adhered to the old Goethe-quote, “There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings,” the debut-album shares the traditional values of a Jazz lineage and a contemporary musical landscape open to the new.

The debut-release tour in fall 2018 shall bring Chanda Rule to new audiences and will pave her way to legitimate appraisal from critics, fellow musicians and new fans.