Fri Dec. 4, 2020

Fernando Paiva 'African Voices' (BRA/A)

Fernando Paiva: drums, percussion
line up tba

Tonight Mr. Paiva will present his newest project and production: "African Voices" where Brazilian music finds its main root, Africa. The compositions of this Project pay homage to and are inspired by African Brazil, its legends, heroes, gods, history and its unique mixture with European and indigenous culture.

From the ethnic and cultural pot of Brazil, the legacy of jazz, samba, northeastern Brazilian music and a pinch of classical music emerges a work full of melodies, rhythms and colors that touches the hearts and ears of the most unsuspecting listeners.

Composer, arranger, drummer, percussionist, showman (according to the specialized critic) Fernando Paiva is one of the great names in Brazilian drums and percussion today. His unique style of playing, using his hands, voice and drums as a percussion instrument, enchant and involve audiences all over the world. Fernando has worked in the past in the studio and live with: Joe Zawinul Syndicate, Lionel Ritchie, Ray Anderson, Marc Murphy, Raul de Souza, Vienna Art Orchestra, Alegre Correa, to name a few.