Di 6. November 2018

Klezmerson / Gnostic Trio feat. Bill Frisell (USA)

Benjamin Shwartz: viola, keyboards
Carina Lopez: bass
Todd Clouser: guitar
Gustavo Nandayapa: drums
Misha Marks: baritone horn, latarra
Carlos Metta: jaranas, percussion

Gnostic Trio
Bill Frisell: guitar
Kenny Wollesen: vibes
Carol Emanuel: harp

A spectacular reading of Masada material drawing upon the rich tradition of Mexican music from Oaxaca to Veracruz, touching upon Henry Mancini, Xavier Cugat and psychedelia along the way. This is one of the most joyful projects in the entire series—and is great music to dance to!

Gnostic Trio
One of Zorn’s most touching and lovely projects, the Gnostic Trio features the inimitable guitarist Bill Frisell surrounded by harp and vibraphone. Music of the Angels!