Tue Feb. 21, 2023

Johannes Enders 'Sweet Freedom – A Tribute to Sonny Rollins' (D/ESP)

Johannes Enders: tenor saxophone
Henning Sieverts: bass
Jorge Rossy: drums

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Sonny Rollins, one of the last living icons of modern jazz, has been a role model for countless generations of saxophonists. This is also true for Johannes Enders, one of the most important European voices on the tenor saxophone. Reason enough to dedicate an entire album to Sonny with arrangements of some of his greatest hits and to go on tour with this program. Joining him on this adventure are Munich bassist Henning Sieverts and Spanish percussion legend Jorge Rossy.

Rollin's music has always been particularly imbued with the central characteristic of jazz, the urge for freedom. "Freedom Suite" - "Sweet Freedom." With this credo, that seems to become more and more important in our time, this trio is on stage tonight.

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